Comic Book Styled Caricatures

Do you want to create a quirky caricature that will certainly bring a smile? Lighten up your home, studio, office or boardroom, with something a little unique.

Our Comic Book Styled Caricatures does just that.

From a facial or full body image, we do a bit of magic manipulation through varies means and create a digitally produced comic styled caricature. You provide the image, we create the magic.

Remember this is supposed to be fun, so we want to make it fun.

What is a comic book styled Caricature?

The comic book style just adds that edge to the image making it look a little different. It’s like Andy Wharol or Roy Lichtenstein meets Stan Lee, and dared me to do it. Take a closer look at the detail and you will understand the effect.

See the difference?
This was the original

What is a Caricature?



A picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect. “a crude caricature of the Prime Minister” synonyms:cartoon, distorted/exaggerated drawing.

What will make a decent caricature?

  • To make a decent caricature, you need a decent image. Small compressed images will NEVER produce a decent result, the image must be at least 1500px wide and proportionately 2200px high for a portrait style. With the face taking up at least 1 third of the image.
  • A full frontal image, not a sideways glance. We want to see all the facial features.
  • Our creativity comes directly from what you give us, serious will result in a serious looking result, funny will produce funny.

Comic Style Caricature Gallery

We aim to please!

If the image you sent is not up to scratch, don’t worry we will contact you either by phone or email and help you. Or you can just drop us a line. Photo-to-art